Door Supervisors for Public Houses


Quality Door Supervision for Public Houses centres on creating a good first impression, relationship building with your customers and upholding of your premises license.  We will work with you to ensure that your venue is safe and secure and your customers have the best possible experience.



Door Supervisors for Nightclubs


Our Door Supervision services for nightclubs centres on providing friendly, approachable and highly trained staff to ensure the safety of your customers and the security of your premises.  We also offer added value in terms of management support and specialist security functions in line with your requirements.

Door Supervisors for Student Unions


FGH Security was originally formed by students at Lancaster University and our first client was Lancaster University Students’ Union.  We continue to maintain a close working relationship with universities across the North West and employ a significant number of students, especially in our Events Division.  We feel we understand the student market extremely well and are well placed to provide significant added value to Student Unions in need of Door Supervision services.



Door Supervisors for Live Music Venues


We understand that a live music event is a special experience for many of your customers.  Our Door Supervisors are there to help make sure that it lives up to their expectations.  In addition to our usual customer service focus we emphasise effective queue management and stringent safety procedures to ensure that your customers have a great night that isn’t spoiled by delays, or preventative negative experiences.

Door Supervision was one of our core service offerings when FGH Security Ltd was founded in 2003. Over the years our Door Supervision division has grown exponentially and had a range of experience working through the North West of England at a host of different venues.

We understand that Door Supervisors are often the customers’ first point of contact when they visit a licensed venue or event.  Therefore, they often set the tone of the evening before the customer even walks through the door.  To reflect this we have a set level of dress and a conduct policy that all of our Door Supervision staff must adhere to at all times to ensure that the client is represented in the best possible way.  All of our Door Supervision staff are trained to the relevant industry standards at a basic level and hold an SIA licence.  The majority of them also hold qualifications in additional areas, such as First Aid and Physical Intervention.

Our mystery customers regularly visit the venues we operate at and we are transparent in our scoring – always showing the members of staff the results and the client too.

We have excellent relationships with constabularies right across the country and if we do not already know the licensing officer in any particular area we will know another licensing officer who does which can help to ensure we work together on protecting your premises’ license.

Our Head Door Supervisor training package includes an NVQ Level 2 in Leadership and a BTEC Level 3 in Security Management (Head Door Supervision).

We like to think that our Door Supervision operatives have always challenged industry stereotypes and represent the SIA driven cultural shift that has occurred in the industry over recent years. Due to the size of our staff base we can tailor the Door Supervisors we provide based around your requirements and the role you wish them to perform.  We can provide anything from a Door Supervisor for a small real ale pub with an average customer age between 30 and 50 through to providing a 100 person Door Supervision team for a large capacity rave night.

After a successful pilot scheme and taking on advice from the police and the SIA we have started to issue body-cameras and an accompanying training course to staff in key positions.  Our trial showed the cameras had a considerable impact in reducing incidents of violence and an even better impact of catching offenders.