UK Crowd Management Association Membership renewed

FGH Security is proud to renew its membership of the UKCMA.  UKCMA represents the leaders in crowd management and event security services.  It also offers a voice to security professionals in the events industry.  As a result it hopes to raise standards of service in the industry.

UKCMA is consulted by the Security Industry Authority, ACS Standards and Strategy Group, The Events Industry Forum, Skills for Security, the revision of The Purple Guide, Police and Security Working Group, Home Office SIA Transition Consultation Group, SIA Diversity Conference.

The aims and objectives of the UKCMA are:

  • Promote the UKCMA Code of Practice.
  • Improve standards across the UK crowd management industry.
  • Be the recognised voice of authority in matters relating to crowd management in the UK.
  • Represent the interests of the industry (advice and consultation) to Government bodies, stakeholders and other relevant organisations- UK and International.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information and support between members, subject to full compliance with all applicable UK laws.

Peter Harrison, FGH Managing Director, said: “We have been members of the UKCMA for several years. It has been great to watch the association develop and grow.  We are now making an impact on improving standards in UK crowd management and also globally.  If you are a buyer of security and crowd management services, then ensuring your supplier is a member of the UKCMA will help to guarantee a minimum quality standard in crowd safety.  Because of this I would always recommend choosing a UKCMA member.”

Read more about the UKCMA here.


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