#TENTWATCH making a real difference at festivals this summer

We pride ourselves on our initiatives and the work we do for our clients, in partnership with regional police forces, to help ensure that their customers love coming to their site, venue or event.

We know there are some unsavoury characters unfortunately targeting festivals across the UK.  We are looking to further reduce crime at a number of outdoor festivals with our #TENTWATCH scheme.  The scheme’s aim is to remind people about some simple steps they can take to prevent themselves becoming a victim of crime:

event-security-minimising-theftKeep your phone and wallet on your person 24/7.


event-security-minimising-theftTENTWATCH: Know your neighbours, make friends with them, watch each others kit.


event-security-minimising-theftInstall “Find my iPhone” or “Find my Phone” on your smart phone.


event-security-minimising-theftThieves are less likely to target clean & tidy camping areas – ask us for bin bags.


event-security-minimising-theftGet to know your campsite security team, store their telephone number, call them to report suspicious or antisocial behaviour.


event-security-minimising-theftIn 2012 & 2013 our security team and Cumbria Constabulary caught several thieves attempting to operate here. Two of these undesirables are still serving in prison.


To get this message across we have the following material to assist us:-


Some gigantic, icon-driven banners which will be placed in a number of highly visible areas of high footfall



MY NEIGHBOURS WATCH MY TENT stickers for festival goers to place on their tents and show any would-be-thieves that neighbouring tents are keeping an eye on their area when they are not in



YOUR TENT WAS OPEN warning cards which our campsite patrol teams will place on the zips of any tents they find open whilst they perform their routine patrols

event-security-minimising-theft event-security-minimising-theft










Some large #TENTWATCH information posters so people will be able to contact security immediately if they witness anything suspicious

Phone Sock Lanyards, that will be distributed to festival goers, meaning even the fashion conscious people who have no pockets will have somewhere safe to store personal items

We hope that by working together with the police and the public, we can STAMP OUT FESTIVAL THEFTS


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