SIA licensing…10 years on

88% of people now feel that the Security Industry Authority licence has had a positive effect upon the security industry. A poll conducted by FGH Security had over four thousand responses from across the UK and is one of the largest pieces of research that the company has ever conducted into the long term impact of regulation upon the wider industry. It shows that since the implementation of a national licencing system, a system which includes stringent criminal record checks, the majority of people believe that the effect on the industry has been positive.

“Since the introduction of SIA licensing in 2004, over a million people have attained a licence-linked security qualification, and an SIA licence has given hundreds of thousands of people the chance of a career in a regulated and respected industry.  But not only has regulation raised standards, it has protected the public by removing or refusing over 63,000 unsuitable people from working in the industry,” said Robert Buxton, SIA Senior Manager. “I’m pleased that the majority of respondents to your survey recognised that regulation has had a positive effect on the industry. Regulation has provided an avenue for security operatives to be trained, qualified, and fit and proper for their role in the private security industry.”

Peter Harrison, FGH Security Managing Director explained, “This research goes to show that the current licencing system and to an extent the regulatory work the SIA do has had a really constructive effect on public perception over the years. It is changing people’s opinions on the security industry for the better and challenging stereotypes. I am also pleased that we got such a high response rate and would like to thank everyone for taking the time to respond.”

On summarising the benefits of regulation upon the Private Security Industry Paul Goggins, MP, is quoted as stating that, “adequate regulation of the private security industry will yield […] benefits […] difficult to quantify”. Mr Goggins speculates upon the advantages of regulation, the professionalisation of the industry and increased public confidence, but surely could not have anticipated the investment placed on the regulatory powers of the SIA by the general public recently revealed by this pioneering piece of FGH research.



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