Women in Security: She Set the Standard

Today, we launched She Set the Standard, a campaign aimed at promoting roles for women in security.  The campaign will last for a week.  It will include social media posts, news items and blogs aimed at dispelling some of the myths surrounding the security industry, challenging stereotypes and removing barriers to entry.  We will also highlight some of the rewards a career in security brings.

Women are underrepresented in the security industry, comprising only 10% of SIA licence holders.  At FGH we do a little better, with 18% of our team made up of women, but this is still a long way short of where we want to be.  We believe the lack of women in security cannot be good for the industry.  Diversity of opinions and approaches brings new ideas and solutions, without even considering the skills base currently being underused.

We would like to see more women in security.  Our focus is on attracting more candidates through SIA training and developing our female team members into supervisory roles.  We currently have very few women in front line Supervisor roles.  They are mostly managers, trainers or front line team members.  This is a real area of focus for the next 12 months.

We will also be sharing success stories of influential women in our team.  These will include Jessica Spencer, Shared Services Director, the most senior woman in our team and the only female finalist for Best Manager/Director at the 2022 Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs).  We will also hear from Amy Stanley, Operations Manager and former Young Security Professional of the Year (OSPAs 2020) and Ana Rita Pernes, Recruitment Co-Ordinator and Young Security Professional of the Year finalist (OSPAs 2022).  We will also hear the voice of the front line.

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