NHS, Local Government and the Public Sector Security Solutions


FGH Security is the preferred supplier for a number of local councils, NHS trusts and other public sector organisations.  We maintain a target driven approach to meeting stringent objectives across our entire remit of safety, security and customer service.

Industrial, Logistic, Warehousing and Business Parks


We aim to enhance your business by providing a comprehensive security service in line with your brand identity and customers’ expectations.  We will protect your staff, visitors and assets and we will also protect your reputation.  We will work in partnership with you to develop your FGH Operatives in order to create ambassadors for your organisation as well as highly trained and knowledgeable security professionals.



Mobile Patrols


Mobile Patrols prove an effective option for customers who do not require a full time security presence.  FGH Security has a proved track record for providing a stress free and cost effective mobile service to both commercial and residential clients.  We maintain a fleet of dedicated patrol vehicles and are ready to respond 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Front of House, Reception and Concierge Security


We understand the importance of a positive customer experience.  Our commitment is to supply you with the right operatives to enhance your customers’ experience through superior hospitality awareness and, more importantly, the right personality to fit your organisation’s culture and exceed your customers’ expectations.



Retail Security


Our retail operatives embody the same principles of brand awareness and cultural fit with your organisation that are so essential to all our security solutions.  We will work with you to deliver a service that meets your specific needs and enhances your customers’ expectations.

Security Management


When you choose FGH security you receive a dedicated client manager, who will ensure a smooth on-time and on-budget set up of the service, or transition from your previous provider.  You will have one point of contact, who will assume responsibility for answering all your questions and maintaining a productive working relationship to ensure your continued satisfaction.


Our Security Personnel can offer so much more then just patrolling a site and acting as a deterrent. With previous clients our guards have performed a range of designated tasks, from search procedures and parking management through to mail room duties and concierge services. Security Personnel are often the first point of contact when people visit your site or business so we make sure they act as the best possible representatives for you.

In the modern security industry CCTV and Alarm Systems have become part of our daily routine. However, such systems are most effective when the right measures are in place to utilise them fully. A member of our Security Personnel on site not only decreases the chance of a possible break in or trespass but also offers a proactive approach that uses a trained professional’s initiative and skills.

We ensure that this section of our business conforms to BS 7499:2012. Most importantly, every time you leave the site, or the building, you know that it couldn’t be in safer hands. We don’t believe in generic advertising or aggressive marketing; we let our services speak for themselves.