Security Risk Management

Our team of security consultants includes experts from the Private Security Industry, UK Policing, and the Ministry of Defence.  We are currently consulting on major projects in the UK, Australia, and the Middle East.  We can provide Security Threat and Risk Assessments, Security Risk Management Plans, Penetration Testing, or a range of Security Training for your existing teams. 

Crowd Management

Our Crowd Management consultants all have experience of managing security operations at major events and crowded city centers, in addition to their academic qualifications.  Our team are active members of the UK Crowd Management Association and include some of the leading academics in the field.  We can provide Crowd Management Plans for any crowded space. 

Counter Terrorism
Risk Management

Our Counter Terrorism consultants are trained to the same level as senior police officers.  We can offer reviews of current practice and provide threat assessments and improvement recommendations.  We can also produce formal documents including Counter Terrorism Risk Assessments and Counter Terrorism Management Plans.  Our services are designed to be able to satisfy the needs of the Protect Duty. 

Open Source Intelligence Monitoring

We can protect your business and use the latest tools to provide intelligence on a range of threats online.  This can include pulling together intelligence from the world wide web, social media, and other sources.  We current provide ongoing threat and risk assessments on protest activity around capital cities, including intelligence on the modus operandi of activists and the scale of any problems. 

Major Mobilisations

Our network of consultants and personnel spans five continents and extends to 250,000 security personnel.  During the Covid pandemic we mobilised to over 500 sites across the UK within 48 hours.  This included producing and delivering specialist remote training for all security operatives.