Close Protection Course



SIA Approved Training Provider!


This 15-day course covers all of the requirements in order for you to qualify for the SIA Close Protection Licence.

Our Instructors are Ex-British Military and have experience working with celebrities and high net-worth individuals in a bodyguarding capacity.

Our courses are designed for those with and without military and police experience and were written by the author and well-known security industry expert Michael Chandler.


● Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
● Threat and Risk Assessment
● Operational Planning
● Law and Legislation
● Interpersonal Skills
● Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing
● Conduct Reconnaissance
● Close Protection Foot Drills
● Route Selection
● Close Protection Journey Management
● Search Procedures
● Venue Security
● Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
● Defusing Conflict
● Resolving and Learning from Conflict
● Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for
Security Guarding and Close Protection
● Physical Training
● First Aid At Work
● 5 Practical Elements Including…
● 3 Live Practical Close Protection Operations in the Heart of Central
London or Manchester

From this course your will gain the following:
Level 3 SIA Close Protection
Level 3 First Aid at Work
Defibrillator Training

Duration – A 15-day course

Price – £1,800 (Payment plans are available. please contact for more information.)

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