Close Protection Course



This 15-day course covers all of the requirements in order for you to qualify for the SIA Close Protection Licence. The course will be held in Manchester City Centre from 20th May-4th June.

Our Instructors are Ex-British Military and have experience working with celebrities and high net-worth individuals in a bodyguarding capacity.

Our courses are designed for those with and without military and police experience and were written by the author and well-known security industry expert Michael Chandler.


● Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
● Threat and Risk Assessment
● Operational Planning
● Law and Legislation
● Interpersonal Skills
● Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing
● Conduct Reconnaissance
● Close Protection Foot Drills
● Route Selection
● Close Protection Journey Management
● Search Procedures
● Venue Security
● Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk
● Defusing Conflict
● Resolving and Learning from Conflict
● Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for
Security Guarding and Close Protection
● Physical Training
● First Aid At Work
● 5 Practical Elements Including…
● 3 Live Practical Close Protection Operations in the Heart of Central
London or Manchester

From this course your will gain the following:
Level 3 SIA Close Protection
Level 3 First Aid at Work
Defibrillator Training

Duration – A 15-day course, delivered from 20th May-4th June

Price – £2,200


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