Peter Harrison Founder & Managing Director

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Peter founded FGH Security at aged 19, to combat the poor treatment from security companies during his time studying at Lancaster University. What started as a little bit of money alongside his studies, and 60 employees by the end of his time at university, turned into FGH Security as it is known today.

Today his role is primarily strategic. He makes sure that the organisation continues to learn and grow, whist upholding it’s values and serving its’ mission of #KeepingPeopleSafe. Peter spends a lot of time within the industry and is a regular guest speaker at a range of events and is featured in the media regularly.

Naturally, Peter has undertaken a lot of the roles within the organisation himself for different periods as it grew, so has an in depth understanding of compliance and regulatory matters. He has worked as security manager at over 100 different events of up to 100,000 capacity in the UK and abroad.

Academically, he holds a BSc in Management Science, a Level 5 Certificate in Crowd Safety Management, a Level 6 Diploma in Counter Terrorism Risk Management and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Lancaster University.

Peter has served as a trustee for CancerCare since 2016 and been an active Reservist with the Royal Marine Commandos since 2008. His spare time is split between both family life and outdoor fitness. He regularly competes in running races and triathlons, and his mountaineering adventures have has seen him climb some of the highest mountains across Europe and Africa including Mont Blanc, Toubkal, and Hvannadalshnjúkur.