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9th April 2019

I first found out about FGH through a talk that was given at my university, as they sponsored my hockey team. Initially I thought it sounded like a great way to make money over the summer, but it wasn’t for me; working within the security industry, at festivals with tens of thousands of people whom I’d have to interact with every day…It sounded like my worst nightmare, particularly for my introverted self.

However, after attending another talk about what the company offers, and their values, I thought I’d take the leap and sign up to work at festivals over summer. I had no plans other than to binge my way through the newest Netflix shows, so why not work at different festivals across the UK and earn money for it?

The online application process was quick and easy, and the interview was super relaxed. I quickly gained a sense of the company’s outlook and friendly nature. Initially I was to begin festivals working as a steward, but through FGH I also undertook an SIA licence course. This eventually allowed me to work as security at the festivals, and opened up a wider range of roles to work in at the events. It also meant a slightly higher pay rate.

The first event I worked at was the Neighbourhood Weekender, in Warrington. It gave me a real sense of what working at festivals was like. Trust me, it really isn’t for the faint hearted. You will be working amongst thousands of people, standing for long hours, which inevitably ends with sore feet. But it’s an opportunity that, for students particularly, is unmissable. You gain invaluable skills and experience for your future, as well as ending the summer break from uni with a nice chunky pay packet. Whilst your mates are scraping the bottom of a can of beans after wasting their student loan during Fresher’s Week, you’ll be smugly enjoying a dinner fit for royalty. At least for a good few weeks, depending on how well you budget your hard-earned cash!

In all seriousness if you’re stuck with what to do with your summer, join FGH and work at festivals. I can’t recommend getting your license enough. Now that I have it, I’m eligible to work in any security role, including ones with FGH. Once festival season was over, due to the fact I’d gained my SIA license, I was able to continue to work for the company and do door work. This was perfect for me as it gave me a part time job alongside university. I currently work as a Door Supervisor at my university’s Student Union club, which is a great way to earn some extra money.

Working for FGH and taking on the job as not only a steward to begin with, but then progressing onto Events Operative and then Door Supervisor has been brilliant, and it has been an amazing opportunity for me. I’m so glad I did it. I’ve grown massively in confidence and have gained so much experience that will be of use for future career opportunities. Anybody considering applying to work for FGH in summer – go for it! You will learn so much, gain invaluable skills, and have some great memories to look back on.


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