FGH Security announces Antarctica Office [April Fool’s!]

FGH Security’s international expansion continues with an Antarctica office!

Following our successful deployments across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East, we are pleased to announce our latest expansion. We have a vision to be the world’s most trusted security supplier. While we kept around 100 million people safe for our customers in 2023, this represents less than 2% of the global population.

Our newest office will be on Ross Island, as we have been awarded a contract to be the island’s sole security supplier.

We’ll be keeping people safe at the McMurdo Station as it faces increased unpermitted social visits from tourists. Permission to visit the continent’s largest research facility is rarely granted. We will also be securing the annual New Year’s Eve festival, Ice Stock. As the winner of the Festival Supplier Awards ‘Best Crowd Management/Security’ title, we were the obvious choice for this event. We are currently in discussions about the deployment of additional security and stewarding team members for the local 5-a-side fixtures.

Peter Harrison, FGH Security Founder and Managing Director, said:

“This is absolutely fantastic. Yes, we could have considered setting up a new office in a slightly larger market, like North America, but that will now have to wait another year. With global warming, there is a high likelihood that Antarctica could become the next Dubai or Riyadh, and we wanted to be the first and only security company in the region.”

Ross Island’s population is over 1200 people in the summer, making this the most populated area of the Antarctic. In the summer, the sun doesn’t set, meaning 24 hours of daylight a day for several months.

This is an exciting time for Team FGH as we prepare to open the Antarctica office. We’re already planning the first team outing: an expedition to the South Pole!


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