FGH meets with Security Industry Authority

The other week we met Michelle Russell, Security Industry Authority Chief Executive, at our Manchester Office. FGH Directors Ben Knott and Jessica Spencer shared a coffee with Michelle, and Executive Director for Licensing & Standards, Stephen McCormick.

The SIA regulate the UK’s private security industry. Like FGH, their objectives include keeping people safe. More specifically, their vision is reduced criminality and improved standards in the private security industry.  Both FGH Security and the SIA are committed to improving the public perception of security.

Our conversation centered around our shared values.  The SIA’s objectives of protecting the public, customer service and developing their people mirror FGH’s mission of keeping people safe and our brand promises of friendliest people and best trained team.  As a result, we found the conversation productive and enlightening.

We had a detailed discussion about some of the challenges our industry faces. We also pledge to support the SIA in ensuring the security industry continues to evolve.  Other topics discussed included the SIA’s ongoing partnership with HMRC. This partnership promotes responsible financial management in the industry. We also discussed the potential future of licensing, both for individuals and businesses.

Michelle spoke passionately about public safety and the role of women in security. She stressed these as priorities for her tenure.  We work to develop women in our industry through initiatives like #shesetthestandard.  FGH Shared Services Director, Jessica Spencer said: “I found it inspiring and aspirational to see a woman in such a senior industry role.  Consequently, I am confident that she will be receptive to the direction we are moving in.”

Ben Knott, Operations Director, said “It was reassuring to hear the industry regulator affirming their commitment to supporting the industry.  I left the meeting feeling confident that the SIA is moving forward at pace.”


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