[2023 April Fools!] FGH Security to ‘secure’ Eiffel Tower

After riots across France in recent weeks, and stories of even local police forces siding with the rioters, Emanuel Macron took the decision and instructed his aides to look outside France for a solution.

Commenting, Emanuel said;

“local security teams cannot be trusted not to side with the rioters. The tower is an iconic piece of France and must be protected at all costs. We need the best from the UK to come and help us and there is no better organisation than FGH Security”.

The state pension age is to rise across France from 62 to 64, which has led to widespread chaos and disruption across the nation.

Commenting, Peter Harrison, MD said;

“Part of the decision in choosing a UK company was for us to act as role models. Our pension age has recently risen from 65 to 67 and we just rolled over and took it”

Rioters across France are famous for wearing there “gilet jaune’s” (yellow vests) so for this deployment we will be sporting blue vests. A sign of unity between the UK and French nations.

To apply for the role, please comment below, using at least three French words in your application.


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