FGH Security are proud to support the Security Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide

As an organisation providing security services, we recognise the importance we play in suicide prevention.

We’ve pledged our support  to the Security Consortium for the Prevention of Suicide (SCPS), and now have a unique opportunity to use our collective expertise coupled with innovation to do our part when it comes to suicide prevention.

As a member of the SCPS, we are key players that care about and want to take action on suicide prevention. It is through our collaboration towards shared goals that the below vision and mission of the SCPS will be achieved.

SCPS Vision: Our vision is that all people contemplating suicide receive the help and support from the security profession to stay alive.
SCPS Mission: Our mission is to save lives by pooling together security resources, skills and technology to prevent suicide.

We will contribute towards the vision of the SCPS by:

– Developing the collective knowledge of the Consortium by sharing skills and expertise.
– Participating in workshops and trials for the SCPS strategic initiatives.
– Attending SCPS events.
– Implementing relevant SCPS initiatives in our organisation.
– Appointing an SCPS champion or liaison in our organisation.
– Helping generate ideas to develop new ways of tackling suicide prevention.
– Publicising the achievements of the Consortium on our website and social media.

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