FGH Security at Lancaster University Extravs

4th July 2019

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On the last week of June (the last week of Summer Term) the Extravs were held at Lancaster University. It’s a tradition at the end of the year at Lancaster University for the Colleges across campus to throw events, trying to out do the others and put on the best party whilst seeing off the end of the academic year. Our Managing Director Peter Harrison actually founded FGH to cater for the Extravs in 2003 when he was studying at Lancaster University.

On the hottest week of the year so far on the evenings of Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th, a specialised FGH events team of SIA Security personnel were deployed to secure the event, property, ticketing, stages and oversee the crowd management of the students attending. We worked closely with Lancaster University, Lancaster University Students Union and College Event Organisers to oversee the event and make sure the evenings ran as smoothly as possible. Each night was packed with a variety of live music, food and decorations based on a theme of each colleges choosing.

Operations Manager, Tom Sharman said: “The whole event has been brilliant and I can’t thank my team enough. Everyone turned up early, eager to get on with their shifts. I had no issues, we had no faults, the whole event smoothly, the guys on the front line came across really friendly. I am proud of my team and cannot wait for next years event.”




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