FGH Security Bike to Work Scheme

We give financial support to encourage a healthy active workforce and at the same time take active steps to lower our environmental impact; including buying bikes for our people

Besides the teams and individual athletes we sponsor did you know that we are part of the Bike to Work scheme. Over 20 people from FGH staff have already taken part; including Graham Blakeley who commented “I first started with FGH in 2005 and have never worked for a company that shows such fantastic interest in the welfare of it staff. From the many perks I have received the discount that I got on a new bike through FGH’s membership of the Bike to Work scheme has to be one of the best. I found a really nice bike reduced to £600 from £800. FGH bought it and I paid for it through my wages. Because it was done before tax and NI’s were taken from my wages it cost me less than £40 per month. Essentially I got almost 50% off a brand new bike that has seen plenty of use – my furthest ride is 40 miles! Thank you FGH !”

The scheme allows you to;
– Save up to 42% on the cost of bikes through a tax exemption while employed by us.
– Spread the cost over monthly interest free payments.
– Save money on travelling costs.
We work with a number of retailers across the region who recognise the scheme (just click here to find your nearest one http://www.bike2workscheme.co.uk/partner-shops).

If any members of the team would like to take part in the scheme feel free to call the Head Office on 01524 847 554 or email info@fghsecurity.co.uk and speak with the HR manager or your line manager who will be happy to help.


Meet the team...

The support team is passionate about ensuring our people have all the tools they need to get their jobs done to a high level and keep people safe. Our training never stops, and we all take part in ongoing executive education which is themed around Leadership, Lean, Mindfulness and Teamwork.

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