FGH Provide to Festival No. 6

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Festival no.6 is a multi-award winning festival held in the stunning surroundings of the architect designed, purpose built coastal village of Portmeirion, situated on the North Wales Coast. For those in the know, ever since it was first staged in September 2012, Festival no.6 has been the highlight of the festival calendar and the place to be. FGH has been providing security services to the event since 2013 and for many of our events team it is the perfect antidote to a busy events season. ‘It’s quite a difference’ explains Alex Redman, the FGH Manager responsible for events, ‘waking up and taking in the breath-taking scenery of a picturesque Italianate village compared to say waking up in a field in Cumbria; both are incredible in their way but there is something about Portmeirion and Festival no.6 that is otherworldly’. Amy Stanley, Operations Supervisor, added that the dynamic of Festival No. 6 is ‘something else; this weekend we saw Belle and Sebastian authorise a stage invasion, James frontman Tim Booth literally take his music to the crowds and Grace Jones perform a full song on the shoulders of one of our frontline operatives’ Though eventualities may have thrown a lesser security supplier we had measures in place to ensure the crowd and acts were kept safe. For Amy this weekend saw our event team do ‘stunning work in stunning surroundings.’

Prior to the event FGH had event specific kit created with both English and Welsh translations and event briefings Peter Harrison ensured that all staff working the event learnt a few Welsh key phrases to enable them to greet all customers in both Welsh and English. In addition any Welsh speakers we have on our books were deployed to the event over the weekend. ‘It shows a willingness’ says Peter ‘ to integrate with and appreciate different cultures and languages, this is why we are so good at doing what we do and why we are the Ifsec 2014 Events Team of the year-It’s the little things that count’.

Festival No. 6 marks the winding down of our events season and as we prepare to make way for the new influx of students arriving to our various student union venues. During this time we will be keeping our eyes peeled for the next generation of talent to filter into our events division. If you’d like to join FGH then just click here.


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