FGH Door Supervison continues to expand in Chorlton

Following on from our contract win last month Dulcimer in Chorlton has chosen to start working with us. Dulcimer is in the heart of Chorlton and has an exciting vibrant atmosphere set to a soundtrack of fine folk music. The venue was opened in October 2007 and is a bar based on music (it has live entertainment most nights), a wide selection of drinks which have been chosen from around the world and quality honest food. The venue truly has a unique welcoming feel.

“Dulcimer is a great venue and from talking to the owner I feel that their service values and a focus on having a quality core product are a really close match to our own,” explained Ben Knot, who is the Operations manager who will manage the contract. “With our staff working at Electric, which is just a short distance away, the Dulcimer management have been able to see the quality of our staff first hand and seen the difference that they have made to setting the right tone when customers visit the venue. I’m really looking forward to building another productive relationship over the coming years as we become the lead supplier of Door Supervisors in Chorlton.”


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The support team is passionate about ensuring our people have all the tools they need to get their jobs done to a high level and keep people safe. Our training never stops, and we all take part in ongoing executive education which is themed around Leadership, Lean, Mindfulness and Teamwork.

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