Dunham Massey Hall Winter Wonderland


Owned by the National Trust, Dunham Massey Hall, fondly known simply as Dunham Massey by the locals, is an English country house in Trafford. The Estate is open to the public throughout the year, but this festive season it is transforming a mile-long path through its historic woodlands into a Winter Wonderland trail. The path is broken up by a series of larger Christmas light installations and feature points throughout the walk. The event is running throughout December and 57,000 tickets have already been sold. FGH are working alongside the Estate and the organisers (Raymond Gubbay) to supply a friendly, warm and welcoming team who are on hand not only to guide and help, but also make the experience as rich as possible for all the families visiting.

We have been inundated with positive feedback. Suzee Lewis, who visited the event, wrote, ‘May I compliment and congratulate the company on such well mannered, helpful and lovely staff! The security staff couldn’t do enough to help myself and my partner with one of the ladies chatting to us and walked us along a bit of a deserted part of the route! Wonderful people and certainly made the event all the more enjoyable…Id like to thank each and every one of them and say keep up the good work!! Merry Christmas to all.’ We also received an email praising the staff, ‘Your staff have been spot on at Dunham this weekend. They’ve been really customer friendly and responsive to any issues that have arisen.’

Amy Stanley, Operations Manager, said, “Despite the challenging winter weather it has been fantastic to see the team still smiling and helping as much as they can. The visitor and client feedback has been exceptional and just goes to show how well the team are doing.”


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