Friendly Security for Festivals, Concerts and Events


We understand that Event Security Operatives are often the first point of human contact that people have when they come to a festival or event, so we ensure that everyone gets a warm welcome from a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff every time

Sporting Events and Spectator Safety


With over a decade of event security experience FGH not only has the know-how on how well structured event security should be delivered but also the experience and outstanding track record that sets us apart from others in the industry



Event Security for LGBT events


FGH Security has recently developed into a specialist security provider for LGBT events.  We have catered for a number of Pride events across the North of England and have some of the most developed LGBT awareness training available in the industry.  Most of all we believe in getting into the spirit of the event and promoting the message behind it.

Corporate Hotel Security Solutions


We supply a discreet and hospitality focused team to represent your brand and core values, providing an exemplary service to your customers.


One of our key goals is to help remove stress and assist the development of the event to match clients’ aspirations.  We have experience and expertise in planning and implementing all the elements of successful event security, including providing specialist security functions such as ingress and egress management, emergency services liaison; effective pit team deployment and close protection services to high profile artists, patrons or clients.

Within our Events Security division we have a group of qualified Operational Managers to oversee the implementation of the crowd management plan on site and adapt it if required.  Our experience of providing Event Security to a diverse range of events means that we really understand different audience demographics and can tailor our approach accordingly.

We are very transparent with our pricing and any quotations for your event will be done on an itemised timeplan where we can work together to deliver an exceptional service whilst keeping an eye on your budget.

We have a practical understanding of the licensing conditions; Health and Safety issues and risk assessment needs that affect these events.  In addition we’re always more then happy to provide any practical guidance that may be required.  As an additional measure we ensure that we use the HSE Event Safety Guide, ‘the Purple Guide,’ and BS 8406 as the basis for all of our Event Security operations.  This results in us being able to perform effectively to the highest national standards and keep your customers as safe as possible.