FGH Security Ltd recognises the importance of exercising corporate social responsibility.

The Company’s policy is to identify and engage in a practicable number of programmes designed to advance the Company’s standing and the standing of the security industry in general, within the wider community.

These programmes currently include the following:

– Maintenance of our accreditation with the British Standards and ISO 9001 whilst working towards ISO 14001 and ISO18001.  The implementation of our environmental management system and improvement procedures as required, fulfils a large part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, by reducing or seeking new ways of reducing the harmful environmental impacts of the Company’s activities on the wider environment and at the specific places where Company activities occur.

– Commitment to ongoing charity and voluntary work.

– Commitment to encouraging our staff to deploy in community activities and sporting events.

– Maintaining environmental programmes using set recycling targets and structured audits.

– Assisting the police in raising awareness of the industry by doing things such as attending licensing reviews and open days.

– Assisting regulatory bodies and other relevant stakeholders in any activities that engage with the society in which we operate or fall in line with our own social responsibility objectives.

– Always be mindful of our social responsibility and aim to lead the industry in this respect.

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