Celebrating 10 years of Gottwood

13th June 2019

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This year was Gottwood Festivals 10th Anniversary and its best year so far with a fantastic electronic and underground line up which saw 5,000 fans head to the Isle of Anglesey this weekend. Gottwood is a forest festival and has got to be one of the most beautiful festivals in the country, with stages set around a beautiful lake only a short walk from the campsite. The weather changed rapidly on Thursday evening from one of the warmest days in the past month to one of the wettest in the space of 24 hours but this didn’t get anyone at the festival down and although it got a little muddy the festival continued to be a safe and enjoyable.

FGH worked closely with Gottwood organisers, North Wales Police and Medical teams to secure this unique and vibrant festival. We deployed 200 of our trademark friendly and helpful security professionals on the ground over the course of the weekend to ensure the safety of the 5,000 revellers, artist and crew. Amy Stanley, Operations Manager and Security Manager overseeing the event said, ‘Gottwood was an exciting experience, the team performed very well in all weathers! A massive thanks to the Event Management Team for their support throughout the event and to our FGH Team who continued to deliver a fantastic customer service experience to all Gottwood customers. Our main focus was crowd management within the arenas, this was done effectively and all of plans worked!’

Tom Elkington, Festival Director, said, ‘…we have had nothing but positive reports for everyone about security and we all want to extended our thanks to you team but more importantly your management.’


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