FGH Security Achieves Gold Award status in the 2019/20 Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index

3 minutes reading time | 7th May 2020

Against the backdrop of unparalleled mental health challenges presented by the ongoing global pandemic, FGH Security is proud to announce having achieved Gold Award status in the 2019/20 Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index. We are immensely proud to be the first security company in the UK to ever receive this award and it shows the unparalleled commitment we have in making FGH Security one of the leading teams in the UK to be part of. The Gold Award is given to employers who have successfully embedded mental health into their policies and practices, demonstrating a long-term and in-depth commitment to staff mental health. As well as ourselves EON and the Environment Agency were part of only 21 companies to receive this award. Well done to the other companies who featured on the index, including; American Express, Football Association, EDF, M&S Bank, Nationwide, BAE Systems, Network Rail, and the Metropolitan Police Service.

Whereas there is a growing public awareness of the importance of good workplace mental health and wellbeing, it can be a contentious subject for employers. Employee engagement and a focus on mental health support does not generate revenue and can be viewed as a ‘nice to have’ – but there is a business case for improving it. The financial cost of poor mental health to employers is unequivocally evident through the sickness absence of employees. Employee absence, however, is not the only cost associated with poor mental health. The less tangible financial impact for employers includes the loss in productivity which occurs when employees are present but not engaged – known as ‘presenteeism’ – and the turnover costs of replacing employees lost through poorly managed mental health. The financial impact to employers resulting from staff not being engaged and enthusiastic unquestionably extends beyond presenteeism. Whilst the cost to business of mental ill-health appears difficult to define, it was recently calculated by the Centre for Mental Health at circa £35 billion per annum for the UK economy. That is £1,300 for every employee in the UK – a sobering thought. This staggering calculation attributed around 10 per cent being due to the cost of replacing staff, 30 percent due to sickness absence, and 60 per cent due to reduced productivity at work.

Acknowledging this cost to business paves the way for effective actions to be implemented, keeping employees engaged and productive for longer, thus protecting revenue. However, the lack of precision around measuring the cost of mental health to employers also impacts on the ability to measure savings and benefits accruing from workplace wellbeing programmes. The lack of clear return on investment benefits for engagement and wellbeing provisions continues to be a key challenge to the adoption of good practise interventions and initiatives.

As a people-centric organisation, FGH Security acknowledges and embraces the value of employee engagement not only in facilitating our number one value to Look After Our Team, but as a tangible business case for protecting the investment we have made in the team. Having achieved a Silver Award in the 2018/19 Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index, we have built upon this foundation in the last year to go on to achieve a Gold Award in the 2019/20 index, partnered with employee engagement specialists Centralus to provide a wealth of benefits and resources to look after the health and wellbeing of our team.

An employer can buy an employees’ physical presence, their skills and their time…but their enthusiasm and loyalty – differentiating factors between performance and excellence – must be earned and nurtured. The benefits outweigh the costs – physically, mentally and financially.


Recruiting: Mind Control Security Operatives Wanted:

  • Do you ever listen to the radio and the song you like comes on?
  • Are you amazed by your powers of persuasion?
  • Have you ever thought about a red car then seen a red car parked up?


If you can answer ‘YES!’ to any of these questions please read on.

FGH Security has led the industry for nearly two decades of innovation.  Right now the industry needs trainee Mind Controllers.  We know there are depths to the human mind that have laid dormant and have never been tapped into.

We are looking to take the industry to the next level.  Our specialist programme sees us teach any SIA license holder mind control techniques.  Over the next few months we’re looking to form an elite team for an intensive specialist training programme.  You will learn:

  • Levitation
  • Anti-Gravity ejection techniques
  • Mind control powers in a range of situations
  • How to convince people you are correct, even when you are wrong

Candidates will meet the criteria above and be happy to take part in a public application process. so our wider team and clients can select our first cohort of five.  Like the United States Space Force we’re looking to the future and that future is Mind Control Security.

Behind closed doors for a number of months Peter Harrison, company Managing Director, has been taking the lead on this ground breaking programme, “I just kept staring at the door and then it opened.  At first it took me three days of staring.  But now my average stare time is down to three hours.  If my trend continues, the door will open within an hour of staring”.  Please join me and start up.



3 minutes reading time | 3rd March 2020

On Friday 28th March, one of the largest and most powerful warships in the Royal Navy sailed into Liverpool’s Docks. One of two new giant new aircraft carriers, the HMS Prince of Wales is longer than the Houses of Parliament at the length of 280 meters. It is also 70 meters wide which is big enough to fit three football pitches. Crowds packed the waterfront in the wet and windy weather to see her. The weather did not deter the onlookers who lined the coastline throughout the weekend to see the 65,000-tonne ship which has visited to demonstrate Navy’s close ties to the city.

RMS Prince of Wales

To keep everyone safe, FGH Security provided security search teams on terminal boarding, roaming response throughout the Naval village and along the waterfront, guarding to the entrance and exit of the ship and safety and crowd management of the visitors at this historic first visit. This occasion is entirely unique and though challenging (especially in the wet weather) our team continue to deliver the friendly & professional service we are renowned for. The ticketed event where members of the public could board the aircraft was also sold out. 13,000 people were searched and boarded the aircraft carrier over the weekend (29th February – 1st March) with thousands more visiting the sea front to see the £3.1billion ship. Our team worked in partnership with Culture Liverpool, the Royal Navy, Event Design, Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire & Rescue, Cruise Liverpool, HM Coastguard and the St Johns Ambulance service as well as other security teams to ensure the best event experience possible.

Recently awarded Outstanding Young Security Professional, Amy Stanley – Operations Manager & Head of Security HMS Prince of Wales event – said, ‘It’s been an absolute pleasure to welcome HMS Prince of Wales into Liverpool. The teams out on the ground have battled all weathers and its fantastic to see lots of organisations working together to deliver such a great event in Liverpool. Don’t miss the chance to come and see this amazing ship before she sets sail. A thank you to all those members of the FGH team who’ve been keeping people safe this week. And a thank you to all the organisations we’ve worked in partnership with.’

HMS Prince of Wales is expected to depart on Friday but there is a possibility it could leave before.

Sian Newton


Our hero of the event is undoubtedly Sian Newton, who late on Friday night noticed a member of the public acting suspiciously near her position next to the River Mersey. When the man began climbing the railings she approached and engaged in a conversation. She managed to talk him down where she sat talked with him until the emergency services arrived.

Sian’s Supervisor, Sergio Walsh said, “I believe Sian went above and beyond whilst keeping amazingly calm throughout, her fantastic friendly and empathetic manner helped prevent a possibly terrible situation.”

Winners at the 2020 OSPA’s

Thursday 27th February 2020 | 2 minutes reading time

Yesterday evening, 26th February 2020, the 4th Outstanding Security Performance Awards took place and are proud to confirm we won 2 awards. The OSPA’s recognise companies and individuals across the security industry by providing an opportunity for outstanding performers to be acknowledged and celebrated.


The awards we received were:

Outstanding Event Security Team

We have been awarded this OSPA for the second year in a row in recognition of our experience, positive training programme and overall excellence, having kept people safe at some of the biggest events in the country including Glastonbury, Manchester Pride & Kendal Calling. The judges were also impressed by our championing of diversity, evidenced by the fact 24% of our workforce are women compared to the industry average of 9%.

Outstanding Young Security Professional

Amy Stanley was awarded an OSPA for her impressive progression within and dedication to the security industry. Amy started out at FGH Security as an apprentice in 2012 and has been a leading professional from the start, when she won learner of the year during her time at college. After her apprenticeship Amy shadowed key managers, giving her a strong understanding of the business. By 2018 Amy supervised small deployments and sat her level three supervisor training exam. Just a year later she found her speciality in festival, event deployment and specifically crowd management. She went on to manage the deployment of security personnel at the Albert Hall in Manchester and more recently, she played a key role in delivering 300 personnel to Glastonbury. Amy has shown a level of composure and maturity beyond her age.


All the awards were judged by an independent panel who have been nominated by leading security associations and hosted by quiz-master Paul Sinha, well known for being on the TV show ‘The Chase’.

Operations Manager and winner of the Outstanding Young Security Professional Award, Amy Stanley is still in shock at her success: “I cannot believe it. This is a culmination of 7 years of hard work. I am grateful for the nomination by my colleagues and I think it is fantastic that young people in the security industry are being recognised.

Managing Director, Peter Harrison has congratulated both Amy and the Events team: “A massive hats off to Amy who for her seven years with FGH has never stopped learning, improving and driving not only herself, but many other people forward. Well deserved. As for the Event Security Team. I cannot count the number of trophies you have now won. You are the most decorated security team in the world.”


Check out our gallery from the 2020 awards….

Festival Supplier Awards

Best Crowd Management / Security At The Festival Supplier Awards

31st January 2020 | 2 minutes reading time

Our team has been awarded Best Crowd Management / Security at the Festival Supplier Awards for a record breaking third year!

Our Operations Management team Amy Stanley, Tom Sharman, Fran Butterfield & Tim Ratcliffe attended the awards ceremony yesterday evening (30th January 2020) where the security and event industry’s leading organisers, stakeholders and suppliers met to celebrate the highlights of 2019.

The event was hosted at the prestigious Hurlingham Club in London and compared by BBC Introducing Champion & Radio 1 DJ, Huw Stephens.

To be crowned the Best Crowd Management / Security team for the third-year running is a record breaking and incredible achievement for us. Crowd Management is a huge part of FGH Security’s provision and something we take pride in. This award demonstrates the passion, hard work and dedication our team have shown to all our clients over the past year.

2019 has been a highly decorated year for FGH. Last year, in addition to winning the award for Best Crowd Management / Security at the Festival Supplier Awards, we also won the awards for Customer Care Initiative of Year & Security Guarding Company of the Year Under £25m Turnover at the SEA’s (Security & Fire Excellence Awards). We also took the award for Outstanding Event Security Team at the 2019 UK OSPA’s (Outstanding Security Performance Awards). And were recognised by Minds Workplace Well-being index and The Sunday Times Top 100 list, as well as gaining a 3 Star Best Companies accreditation. We are hoping for this success to continue into the new decade.


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The winner of Best Crowd Management / Security is @fghsecurity #fsawards20

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The Festival Supplier Awards started in 2014 to recognise the achievements and hard work of outdoor event suppliers. The festival sector has diversified rapidly in the last few years and these awards provide a platform to celebrate the ‘behind-the-scenes’ teams that are at the heart of the successful festivals and events up and down the UK.

Operations Manager Amy Stanley is delighted by FGH’s success: “What a year it has been, well done to all who were successful tonight. This is the third year in a row we have won Best Crowd Management / Security at the FSA’s and it’s a truly humbling achievement. Congratulations team! It was an honour to pick up this award today on behalf of Team FGH.”

Head of Operations, Ben Knott has congratulated the Operations team and their role in leading the teams during our successful festival season, “Well done to everyone at FGH Security but especially Amy, Tim & Tom who have led the events division from the front for the past few years by using science and cutting-edge thinking. They are the future of crowd management!”

The next awards ceremony we will be attending is the 2020 UK OSPA’s (Outstanding Security Performance Awards) where we have been shortlisted for 5 categories.

The Big FGH Security Winter Walk 2020

A Winter Walk From Barley To Pendle Hill

20th January 2020 | 2 minutes reading time

Yesterday (Sunday 19th January 2020) our team reached the top of Pendle Hill.

Our winter walk is an annual event which gives the team who who have worked through the 2019 Festival Season a chance to meet again and catch up before our 2020 Festival Season. The team Not only included current team members but people who are thinking about joining the company, giving them a chance to meet current members and see how friendly and supportive we are.

Our team walked around 6 km, climbing 330 m to reach Pendle Hill around 12:30, before the decent back to the Pendle Inn for a celebratory pint.

Details of the walk:

  • Distance = 6 KM
  • Duration = 1 hrs 40 mins with a short stop at the peak
  • Total Ascent = 330 m, highest point 557m
  • Start = Barley Car Park For Pendle Hill
  • Finish = Pendle Inn
  • Weather = 9/6C – Great visibility with occasional passing clouds

Walk leader & FGH Compliance Manager, Chris Stoves said, “I really enjoyed the winter walk up the famous Pendle Hill, it was a great challenge for me and the team which gave us all a chance to work together again. It was great to meet and see some faces I haven’t seen since festival season 2019. See you all soon for Festival Season 2020.”

The team started walking from the Barley Car Park at around 11 am with dogs, Millie, Tilly, Juno and Cocktail leading the way. The weather was frosty and foggy walking through Barley and onto the Pendle Way which ascends steadily. The route was busy nearer to the hill with the ascent becoming ever steeper trekking along the Pendle Hill Steps. These steps brought the team to a flat summit where the weather cleared, not too far from the peak. After a short break to have something to eat, admire the view and a quick photo, the team then followed the path south before turning left and descending back down the hill.

5 Nominations At The OSPA's 2020

5 Awards Nominations At The OSPA’s 2020

Monday 16th December 2019 | 2 minutes reading time


The 2020 Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPA’s) shortlist has been announced.

The awards FGH Security have been shortlisted for this year are:

  • “Outstanding Customer Service Initiative” for our Talent First Initiative.
  • “Outstanding Security Training Initiative” for the FGH Team Portal.
  • “Outstanding Event Security Team”
  • “Outstanding Security Partnership” in partnership with the Association of Independent Festivals.
  • “Outstanding Young Security Professional” with Operations Manager Amy Stanley nominated.

This is the 4th year the OSPA’s have taken place. These awards recognise companies and individuals across the security industry by being both independent and inclusive, providing an opportunity for outstanding performers to be recognised and success to be celebrated.

Judging of the awards is undertaken by an independent panel who have been nominated by leading security associations.

FGH Security is hoping for more success after coming away with the award for “Outstanding Security Event Team” at the UK OSPA’s 2019.

Quizmaster, Presenter and Stand-Up Comedian Paul Sinha, well known for being on the TV show ‘The Chase’ will host the awards, taking place on 26th February 2020 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London.

Founder and Director of the OSPA’s, Professor Martin Gill said: “The security industry plays a vital role in safeguarding the public and private sector organisations and the general public; there are many companies and talented individuals who go above and beyond to protect property, people and assets and deserve to be recognised. The OSPAs provide an independent platform to showcase the exceptional and unconditional work that is being done by so many, and we must reward and acknowledge the incredible contribution made in keeping us all safe.”

Our Operations Manager, Amy Stanley spoke to us about being nominated and shortlisted for “Outstanding Young Security Professional”, “I am proud and grateful for this awards nomination at the OSPA’s by my colleagues. I think it is fantastic that young people in the security industry are being recognised. It can be difficult in this industry to build a reputation at such a young age and it’s really good that there is recognition in place for young people trying to build their portfolio. I am very much looking forward to the OSPA’s in January, I am sure it will be a fantastic experience and I wish everybody in every category the very best of luck!”

Click here to see the full list of finalists!

Check out our gallery from the 2019 awards:


Security Excellence Awards 2019 | Double Award Winners

2 minutes reading time | 22nd November 2019

On Wednesday night (20th November 2019) FGH Security was presented with the awards for ‘Customer Care Initiative of the Year’ and ‘Security Guarding Company of the Year under £25m Turnover’ categories at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards 2019 at the Hilton, Park Lane, London, hosted by Tess Daly.

Collecting the Customer Care Initiative Award

The Security and Fire Excellence Awards celebrated its 20th anniversary this year with over 1,000 industry professionals coming together to celebrate all of the exceptional achievements within the fire, safety and security sectors.

Collecting for the Security Guarding Award

The Customer Care Initiative of the Year award recognises our commitment to our team. We have installed a Learning Management System (Team Portal) to give each FGH team member a personalised online learning presence. This enables compulsory training for all employees or highly specialised training for a small group, to be completed quickly and easily. This increases employee loyalty & staff retention, developing our company culture. Customers can also supply their own training material and be sure this has been distributed to our team.

The Security Guarding Company of the Year under £25m Turnover position was secured by showing how our Security Guards live by our company values. Looking After The Team. Give Something Back. Be Great Today, Better Tomorrow. We also recently received a MIND Workplace Wellbeing Silver Award which saw our employee net promoter score rise from 64% to 76% and won a place on the Sunday Times Top 100 Employers due to our work on employee engagement. We are delighted that our Security Guards have been recognised for this.

Team FGH

Commenting on both the awards, Managing Director, Peter Harrison said, “Winning one award is amazing. Winning two is unbelievable! We are extremely happy to be recognised. I’d like to thank all of our team members who work hard to make awards like this possible. The senior managers, support team, trainers, supervisors and team on the ground who incorporate our company values into everything they do.”

outstanding levels of employee engagement

Best Companies Accreditation | Outstanding Levels of Employee Engagement

2 Star Accreditation from Best CompaniesFor the 3rd consecutive year, we have been awarded a Michelin style accreditation by Best Companies. This award is internationally recognised and acknowledged as the most extensive research projects into employee engagement in the UK.

FGH Security has been awarded the Best Companies Two Star Accreditation recognising outstanding levels of employee engagement. Best Companies are specialists who’s recognition programme is the standard for all workplace engagement.

We have achieved a level of engagement from our employees that businesses around the world would love to have, FGH Security is recognised on an international stage placing the company to the same engagement standard as The National Trust, David Lloyd Gyms, Marriott Hotels and Everton Football Club.

two star accreditation companies

Each company on the Index Score is awarded based on anonymous employee ‘Be Heard’ surveys. These surveys look into everything from company culture right through to management and performance. This measures how engaged our team is at work and how they feel about working for us.

Jonathan Austin, CEO & Founder of Best Companies said, ‘I once again want to thank you for taking part in this years ‘Be Herd Survey’ your participation is very important to us. We’re proud to say that Best Companies has been helping make the world a better workplace for 20 years now and 14 years ago we launched our Michelin style accreditation standard of excellence in workplace engagement. You have achieved our Two Star Accreditation status which shows outstanding levels of engagement. Workplace engagement is a journey, not a destination and your accreditation represents a level of engagement that many organisations strive for, it demonstrates that you understand the importance of workplace engagement and generally value your employees. Thank you for making the world a better workplace.”

Head of People & Culture, Lyndsay Holt said, “At FGH Security Ltd our team is at the heart of everything we do – people are the lifeblood of the organisation and so to us employee engagement is not a buzz-word but indeed an essential aspect of our culture. In surveys and feedback the word ‘family’ is often used to describe how employees feel about their experience with FGH. We have worked harder than ever this year to broaden the scope of employee benefits including free access to a GP and 24/7 counselling service, shopping discounts plus a wealth of health and wellbeing advice. With the roll-out of our online learning management system we have facilitated free accessible personal development and we have organised focus groups to listen to team opinion on our performance – all with the aim of looking after our team…our FGH family. Employee engagement is not a destination but a process of continuous improvement and I look forward to building on this enviable accreditation”.

To celebrate our newest achievement we will be taking part in Best Companies Day on the 28th February 2020. Best Companies Day is a national celebration where every company who has made it onto the Best Companies List is encouraged to take the plaque on tour or hold an event or activity so all of the team can come together to congratulate each other and celebrate.

Living Wage Week 2019

FGH Security Celebrates Living Wage Week 2019

2 minutes reading time | 12th November 2019

We are proudly celebrating Living Wage Week.

In 2017 we proudly achieved the ‘Service Provider Status’ with the Living Wage Foundation. This status recognises that we want to play a role in supporting the aims of the Living Wage Foundation furthering best practice in the security industry and support our employees.

The Living Wage Foundation is at the heart of the independent movement of businesses; organisations and people who believe a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay. Choosing the Real Living Wage (RLW) is voluntary and provides an ethical benchmark for reasonable pay. The RLW is calculated based on what employees and their families need to live. It isn’t possible for us to carry out the Living Wage for all contracts. However, as part of the Service Provider Status, we always communicate the Living Wage as an option to our clients. We offer a Living Wage bid alongside every tender and market submission to all our prospective clients to be sure they always have a choice in implementing the Living Wage from the beginning.

We provide the best quality service expected by the millions of people we keep safe every year. They rely on a skilled and motivated workforce working efficiently and effectively. The Living Wage pay rate helps us attract the higher calibre team member as well as changing some of the perceptions around the security industry. A living wage goes far beyond the daily pay rates, paying a fair rate means our team feel valued.what happens in living wage week?

2019 Living Wage Week UK Stats:

  • Currently, in the North West, there are circa 584,000 workers and Nationally 5.2 million workers receiving below the Real Living Wage in the UK.
  • 4 million people live below the poverty line.
  • 1 in 50 households have used food banks in the past 2 years.
  • Average household debt stands at £15,400.
  • There are circa 6000 accredited employers in the UK.
  • Living Wage Week announced their new hourly rate today as £9.30 (UK wide) and £10.75 (London) versus national living wage of £8.21… a difference of £1.09.

FGH Security’s Head of People & Culture Lyndsay Holt said, “Today (11th November) Caitlin and I attended the Salford Living Wage Week Event to celebrate what a real difference a Living Wage can make. This year’s theme is ‘Living Wage Places’ aiming to geographically focus efforts to create Living Wage Cities and Borough’s, collectively dedicated to making the Real Living Wage the standard. Salford is the first place in the UK to be recognised as a Real Living Wage City. Today at the event Oldham Council were awarded accreditation as a Real Living Wage Borough. We also listened to inspirational talks from Paul Dennett (Mayor of Salford), Clare Goth (Living Wage Foundation) and poet Tony Walsh driving home the tangible impact made by Real Living Wage employers.”