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Festival Security: Kendal Calling

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Since 2006 FGH are proud to have worked with Kendal Calling to keep its ticket holders, staff and assets safe.

We started working with Kendal Calling 15 years ago and have grown with them into the brilliant festival they are today. Kendal Calling is a love festival in a picturesque deer park in Penrith, headlining acts have included Noel Gallagher, Snoop Dogg, Blondie, The Levellers and James. The key to our success at Kendal Calling is working closely in conjunction with Cumbria Police, Kendal Calling organisers and medical teams by communicating and sharing information to secure this amazing festival and keep people safe.

Kendal Calling was our first branch into the world of festival security, and for our first deployment, our team dressed in 3 piece suits as we didn’t differentiate between a festival deployment and door supervision.

Thankfully we found our love for festivals and soon diversified to create a festival division within FGH.

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