The Big FGH Security Winter Walk 2020

A Winter Walk From Barley To Pendle Hill

20th January 2020 | 2 minutes reading time

Yesterday (Sunday 19th January 2020) our team reached the top of Pendle Hill.

Our winter walk is an annual event which gives the team who who have worked through the 2019 Festival Season a chance to meet again and catch up before our 2020 Festival Season. The team Not only included current team members but people who are thinking about joining the company, giving them a chance to meet current members and see how friendly and supportive we are.

Our team walked around 6 km, climbing 330 m to reach Pendle Hill around 12:30, before the decent back to the Pendle Inn for a celebratory pint.

Details of the walk:

  • Distance = 6 KM
  • Duration = 1 hrs 40 mins with a short stop at the peak
  • Total Ascent = 330 m, highest point 557m
  • Start = Barley Car Park For Pendle Hill
  • Finish = Pendle Inn
  • Weather = 9/6C – Great visibility with occasional passing clouds

Walk leader & FGH Compliance Manager, Chris Stoves said, “I really enjoyed the winter walk up the famous Pendle Hill, it was a great challenge for me and the team which gave us all a chance to work together again. It was great to meet and see some faces I haven’t seen since festival season 2019. See you all soon for Festival Season 2020.”

The team started walking from the Barley Car Park at around 11 am with dogs, Millie, Tilly, Juno and Cocktail leading the way. The weather was frosty and foggy walking through Barley and onto the Pendle Way which ascends steadily. The route was busy nearer to the hill with the ascent becoming ever steeper trekking along the Pendle Hill Steps. These steps brought the team to a flat summit where the weather cleared, not too far from the peak. After a short break to have something to eat, admire the view and a quick photo, the team then followed the path south before turning left and descending back down the hill.


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