Best Companies Day 2017


7. Be the benchmark for others & set new norms of behaviour

On the 3rd March we took part in Best Companies Day. This follows on from being acknowledged as the best security company in the UK to work for the week prior. Best Companies Day is a UK-wide celebration of the country’s best places to work and the people who make these organisations so special. To mark the occasion, rather than have a party at the Head Office, we took members of our team paintballing and pitched the management against the front line staff. The day was also a chance to take a step back, to take stock and recognise the efforts of the team as a whole.

After receiving a detailed safety briefing the first scenario saw the management trying to storm an objective at the top of a hill which was heavily defended by the front line staff. Despite a valiant effort and sustaining a number of casualties the management team ran out of time to complete their mission. When the roles were reversed the front line staff attacked the management position with the same vigour and laid down covering fire and smoke grenades but were also unsuccessful. The second scenario saw the management fortifying a village complex which the front line staff then attempted to storm and capture. The management won by just holding out with two of their team members surviving the assault. When the roles were reversed again the front line staff managed to hold their position and the day was declared a draw.

“It was great to see so many staff from across the company take part in the day,” explained Wesley Downham (Business Director). “It was also a fantastic celebration of everyone’s ongoing efforts to make FGH a great company to work for and to show our appreciation for each other, which is what Best Companies Day represents.”


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The support team is passionate about ensuring our people have all the tools they need to get their jobs done to a high level and keep people safe. Our training never stops, and we all take part in ongoing executive education which is themed around Leadership, Lean, Mindfulness and Teamwork.

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