Armed Forces Day and a Silver Award at the North West Armed Forced Business Awards

To coincide with Armed Forces Day, FGH Security is proud to announce that we have recently been awarded a Silver Award at the North West Armed Forced Business Awards. The award recognises the company’s commitment to supporting the defence and armed forces community. It also shows that FGH aligns its values with the armed forces corporate covenant which outlines the moral obligation of the business community towards members of the armed forces; this calls upon businesses and corporate organisations to acknowledge and support the efforts of the men and women who on a daily basis put themselves in danger to ensure our safety and protect our civil liberties. As a company, FGH offers this support by building upon our existing relationships with the armed forces and actively recruiting from a pool of forces’ personnel. We ensure that we are an accommodating employer by making necessary adjustments to our recruitment process and deployment patterns to align with the individual needs of forces’ personnel that we recruit. In practice this can mean authorising, without hesitation, time off at short notice for reservists who are called to duty. We also actively publicise the company and our available career paths to members of the armed forces community who are due to leave active service and are looking for alternative employment. This scheme now supersedes the SaBRE scheme which FGH has been part of from a number of years. It reaffirms our commitment to working closely and proactively with the armed forces and members of its community.

Peter Harrison quoted “It is great for the company to receive another award, however really we should be thanking the armed services. Our workforce is made up of over 10% ex-forces or serving reservist staff. The calibre of men and women we have recruited from the forces has been exceptional, and they have brought a lot of skills to our organisation that others are learning from. Our current staff base includes former and serving Royal Marines, Army, RAF and Navy from the UK and also places as far as Pakistan and the USA. I would like to extend my thank you to all members of the armed forces for the work they have done for our country. I hope our partnership will long continue”.

Peter is still serving as a Royal Marines Commando with RMR Merseyside and on Wednesday 25th June he took pride in taking part in the government sponsored “Wear Your Uniform to Work Day”, alongside thousands of other reservists across the UK. He added “I cannot recommend the reserves enough; I have undertaken some exceptional training and travel, all in my spare time. There is an enormous amount of similarity between FGH Security and the Royal Marines. Our customers know that for certain jobs, no other security company would suffice. And this is exactly how the UK government feels about the Royal Marines Commandos and has done for some 350 years now”.

Below are details of the Royal Marines ethos and the Commando Spirit – many of which are replicated in the values that FGH Security hold dear.

The Commando Spirit
fgh-security-armed-forces-linksThe four elements of Commando Spirit: courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness in the face of adversity.
It is the combination of individual Commando Spirit qualities, coupled with these group values, that together form the Royal Marines ethos.
Royal Marines Ethos = Individual Commando Spirit + Collective Group Values
• Courage
• Unity
• Determination
• Adaptability
• Unselfishness
• Humility
• Cheerfulness
• Professional Standards
• Fortitude
• Commando Humour


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