What happens next?

  • 1. Application Review

    Your application will now be reviewed by our HR team.  Please don’t worry if you don’t hear back from us right away.  Although we try to respond to a majority of applications within 48 hours of receiving them we do receive a very high volume of applications and sometimes it can take a little longer.  You will not need to call us to check on your application.  If you have not heard back from us within a week I’m afraid your application has been unsuccessful.

  • 2. Assessment & Interview

    If you seem to be what we’re looking for the next stage is to invite you to an assessment.  These usually take place in either Lancaster or Manchester depending on the area you’ve applied for.  You will have to bring some paperwork with you, but we’ll send you full details by email.  At these assessments we will assess your report writing skills and confirm that you still possess the knowledge to pass your licence linked security qualification.  If you do not possess a security qualification (i.e. you have not sat the course) you will not have to pass this assessment.

    Applicants who pass the assessment will be offered an interview on the same day.  For senior positions it may be possible to bypass the assessment stage; you will receive a phone call to inform you if we deem this exemption to apply in your case.

  • 3. Company Induction

    If successful at interview you will need to attend a company induction.  These take place on a Friday morning at our Head Office in Lancaster.  Don’t worry if this seems a long way to travel; it will be a one off event and you will be able to see our Head Office and meet the whole management team.  You will be issued with your uniform and complete your full company paperwork at this stage.

  • 4. Welcome to FGH

    Once you have sat the induction you will be a fully fledged employee…welcome to the team.