Peter Harrison

Managing Director


Speaking about his duties as Managing Director Peter said: “When I set up FGH Security I set out to be different.  I feel that FGH Security now acts as a benchmark for manned security providers across the whole of the UK.  The level of service we provide does not go unnoticed by our customers, 99% of whom stay with us once they come on board.  Several of our customers have been with the company since it was founded.”

When people ask Peter about the key to his success he says that it’s all down to having the right people in the right place at the right time.  This involves taking on the very finest recruits, giving them exceptional extra training, issuing them with a very smart uniform and providing them with as much supervision and management support as possible.  Investment in training for our front line staff, or in the professional development of the management team, is of paramount importance.

Peter also believes in the personal touch.  Despite his busy schedule he still makes time to visit every member of staff personally at least once every year to get first hand feedback from the front line.  Peter performed front line duties for over a decade although now he spends most of his time coaching the management team and refining our quality management system to ensure we are constantly improving.  Although FGH employs a full management team to run day-to-day operations of the business Peter also likes to be personally available to both customers and staff whenever possible.  His two main priorities for the business are “happy customers and happy staff”.  He feels that the two are intrinsically.

Peter holds a BSC in Management Science from Lancaster University. He is keen to encourage entrepreneurship among young people. He believes that the entrepreneurial route has changed his life for the better and is a regular speaker to business students at a number of universities across the North West to help give them the same opportunity.

Outside of work Peter is a keen athlete and charity fundraiser.  Peter competed in triathlons for a number of years at a national level.  Although currently less competitive he still ends up running an occasional marathon and takes part in a multitude of sports.  He is part way through a challenge of attempting to climb the highest mountain in every country in Europe.

Peter has over 5 years experience as a Royal Marines Commando and is still serving as a Junior non-Commissioned Officer with RMR Merseyside where his duties vary from assisting with training new recruits to deploying troops on a beach using offshore raiding crafts.  On his time with the Royal Marines, Peter commented “There is no doubt about the Royal Marines being amongst the finest infantry soldiers in the world.  And they have been for 350 years now.  The standard and quality of the training delivered and the Royal Marines “Ethos” is something I try to replicate within FGH Security.  If I see another security company with a good idea I look at it, make it better and implement it in FGH.  I have met many good friends in my time in the marines, many of whom have now become SIA licensed and hold either part-time or casual roles within FGH Security – something we fully support through our membership of SaBRE (Supporting Britain’s Reservists).  Although FGH is my main priority, serving my country is extremely important to me also”.

Peters love for sports and his charity activities often go hand in hand for Peter who likes nothing better than a combination of extreme cold, mud and physical exhaustion – preferably while dressed in the most ridiculous outfit imaginable.   Peter said “I love to give something back to society and often the communities we work in.  I feel privileged to be fit, healthy and living in such a beautiful part of the world.  The very least I can do is put myself through a bit of torture to help out!  And by encouraging our workforce to come along with me they get the benefit of keeping fit and helping raise money for some excellent causes”

Peter promises that he will personally visit any potential customer who feels they need a more intelligent security solution and Security Operatives that exceed their expectations.

Quality People in Quality Places