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FGH Security’s focus on value added service delivery aligns with the values of our public sector client base.  We ensure standards are maintained and in addition we excel at helping you function more efficiently through our operatives recognising, and responding to your customers needs.

Your operatives will have an excellent knowledge of your specific requirements and be trained and developed to perform their role to the highest standard.  All our NHS based security personnel are certificated in Physical Intervention by the conflict management specialist Maybo.  In our experiences this makes our people feel more secure, reduces violent incidents and has the positive impact on the working culture of a site.

Our company holds NSI Gold for Security Guarding which incorporates ISO9001 and certification to BS7499 and BS7858.  With multiple internal audits by the NSI and by our internal auditors these certifications ensure we are constantly looking to continually improve, we .  We have an in-depth comprehensive H&S policy that ensure every single member of staff receives H&S training, our environmental policy takes into account our impact on the local environment and our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is one that delivers real value to all of the communities we serve.

Due to the volume of work we carry out we benefit from certain economies of scale; essentially this enables us to ensure that our security operatives spend at least twice as much time with our supervisory and management staff compared to industry guidelines –  the net effect is a better service for your site.

We have extensive experience providing multi-site solutions.  Our reporting measures to senior management are highly developed.  Our public sector security solutions are consistent, comprehensive and tailored to the particular requirements of your site.

We are also responsive to your changes in requirements such as industrial action or emergencies.  We are are to provide in excess of one hundred operatives across multiple sites with the minimum of notice.

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