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Liverpool International Music Festival 2018

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We’re standing in Sefton Park next to a giant Ferris-Wheel with artist Notes singing on the main stage. It could only be the Liverpool International Music Festival 2018.


This is our first year working with Liverpool City Council at the festival which aims to bring together the different and diverse communities from across the city in a celebration of music. The event has grown spectacularly and this was the first year it had been a ticketed event. With such high projected visitor numbers we worked closely with the council to ensure customers’ safety was paramount but to also be great representatives for the event.

Main Stage

Securing a new festival is always unique challenge but the FGH Security team of over 150 security professionals stepped up to the mark. 40,000 people arrived across the course of the weekend with numbers peaking on Saturday with over 25,000 people attending.

The event has been regarded as a huge success, Liverpool City Council and Merseyside Police have stated that only nine arrests were made and 0.02% of the whole audience were involved in police incidents.

Amy Stanley, our Festival Operations Manager said, “We have had over 40,000 people pass through our gates this weekend at Liverpool International Music Festival. Our main objective was to keep people safe and look after their welfare by working closely with the event organisers, Liverpool City Council and local Youth Workers. We did this by working in a professional manner, sharing information quickly and supporting our team. I think they have done a fantastic job!”