Dave Taylor

Senior Manager

Dave is a Senior Manager in FGH and predominantly focusses on HR and professional development. He oversees the organisation’s recruitment, employee relations and employee engagement. Dave is also the management representative for Quality Management, Health and Safety and Organisational Development. He has been with the company since 2006 when he came on board as a Door Supervisor looking for a supplementary income. Dave has a strong background in Learning and Development and believes the company can best achieve its goals through the development of a capable, engaged staff base. Dave originally trained as a teacher, graduating with a degree in Medieval Literature and a PGCE in English from Lancaster University, but was quickly lured to the private sector by the superior working conditions and the lack of unruly teenagers. More recently Dave has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in HR Management from the University of Central Lancashire. His appetite for further learning is far from sated, however. Outside of work Dave likes to spend his evenings and weekends wearing white pyjamas and hugging sweaty men. He has a black belt in Aikido and has trained with some of the top practitioners in Europe. Dave is also an enthusiastic reader and counts Stephen Fry and Haruki Murakami among his favourite authors.

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