Dave Hassall

Senior Manager

Dave’s role involves him being responsible for all of the company’s the internal and external marketing as well as the company’s logistics and supply chain management. Whilst studying for his BSc in Marketing at Lancaster University Dave began working as a Door Supervisor for FGH in 2003 just after the company was first founded. Since graduating he has gained over a decade of practical marketing and managerial experience working for a range of companies and organisations at a senior level in addition to working as a marketing consultant. He has worked with a large range of businesses on a broad range of projects, from website design through to long term branding and marketing strategy. He also has extensive experience managing staff, working with external partners, working with a range of budgets and championing initiatives that have made the businesses he has worked with more efficient, grow organically and perform better fiancially . However, he has always kept in contact with FGH and returned in 2014 to oversee the company’s marketing and advertising activity and then was promoted to Senior Management in 2015. Dave prides himself on not only designing communication pieces and advertisements that appeal to their target audience but also provide a real return on investment. Dave explained that, “FGH isn’t just a normal security company. It has its own values and a certain culture that makes it stand out and this is what we always try and get across each time anyone comes across anything that we have produced.” Over the years outside of work Dave has focused on his own professional development and can produce professional standard design work using a range of design packages and can work with a range of coding languages to build well designed, responsive and user friendly websites. In his spare time he enjoys keeping fit, cooking and the occasional game of poker.

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