Out Of This World Security At Bluedot Festival 2018

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Today is Friday 20th July, it is World Space Exploration Day and 49 years since man walked on the moon, so it is quite fitting we are at Bluedot Festival next to the worlds third-largest radio telescope here at the Jodrell Bank Observatory. The Lovell Telescope is used for tracking anything in space – planets, probes and spacecraft. It is said it is so sensitive it can even pick up a mobile phone signal in a close proximity. It will be picking up a lot more than usual this weekend as some 15,000 people descend on the area.

Welcome to Bluedot Festival. It’s a festival of science as well as music, talks, workshops and interactive stalls. Here, wormholes, aliens and quantum physics are discussed as much as the electronic & space rock bands on the main stages.


The challenge for the FGH team was to keep these visitors safe and the surrounding area secure. Bluedot is a favourite for families with an exciting range of activities, science shows and interactive workshops, including an astrology tent, an inflatable alien landscape of tunnels, a giant suspended Planet Earth and a field full of fire contraptions straight of a Mad Max set. Some 15,000 people attended the event to see this and acts including The Flaming Lips & The Chemical Brothers.

We deployed a team of over 200 SIA licensed security staff and stewards to the event and worked in close partnership with the Bluedot Festival organisers to ensure that we made a real difference to the event whilst delivering our trademark friendly and professional service.FGH team in front of the Lovell Telescope

This festival was not an alien environment to our team. This is the third year in succession FGH Security have patrolled the event. The experienced team quickly succeeded in controlling the flow and movement patterns of the crowd in and out of the main arena. The team had a unique chemistry with the visitors and have become so much a part of the festival as the telescope the festival is built around.

Bluedot will return next year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Moon Landing with a special weekend of music, science and arts.

Beat-Herder 2018

Beat-Herder 2018

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This weekend our team managed the security provision and kept people safe at The Beat-Herder Festival. This year the event was a sell out with over 12,000 people attending across the weekend from around the country to see a range of acts which included Orbital, Soulwax, Django Django, High Contrast, The Rezistance Live, Patrick Topping and Pete Tong.

beat-herder 2018

Beat-herder began in 2006 and catered for just 1200 people with a small stage in the main field and a couple of food stalls. Since then it has grown to cover 4 large fields with 16 dedicated music areas, 14 bars, 40+ stalls and a fairground. The event prides itself on being more than about the music; there are a series of unique art installations and live performances. We deployed over 250 SIA licensed security staff and stewards to oversee the safety of the event and it’s visitors whilst ensuring the event maintained its unique atmosphere. The team worked in partnership with the Beat-Herder event organisers, local constabulary and social services to ensure that we made a real difference to the quality of the event whilst still delivering the friendly and professional service we’ve become renowned for.


Head of Security and Managing Director Peter Harrison said, “Securing a rural festival like Beat-Herder is always unique challenge, particularly when this is our first time at the event. The promoters create such a unique festival, with so much detail and hard work going into making quite an amazing experience for the guests. Our team worked really hard to succeed as they always do. Seeing them smiling and helping the festival visitors is a great indication that we are doing the right things. Feedback from the organisers, Ribble Valley Police and child protection services has been amazing – another huge success for FGH Security.”

FGH Are Getting Drastic On Plastic

FGH Are Getting #DrasticOnPlastic

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Did you know that it is predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. The UK uses 38.5 million plastic bottles every day, of which 15 million are not recycled.

On April 22nd The Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) launched a campaign to coincide with Earth Day and more than 60 festival have committed themselves to banning the use of plastic straws on site in 2018 as a minimum first step. By 2021 they have pledged to eliminate all single use plastic at their events. Not only are we becoming part of this inspirational drive but we are fully eliminating our team’s use of single use plastic this year in 2018.


Doing our bit!

We are leading the security industry by not only pledging to reduce the use of single-use plastic but also drastically minimise our waste. This year we are issuing 400 reusable drawstring bags which contain a thermal flask, either a protein shaker or sports bottle (based on each team member’s choice) and a torch. As well as furthering our industry leading environmental legacy, initiatives and accreditations we are also taking immediate action to reduce our use of disposable materials. This will save just over 100,000 plastic bottles and 60,000 paper cups going to landfill at the festivals and events our team are working at this summer alone. This works out approx 250 bottles of water per employee.

250 waterbottles = 1 FGH #DrasticOnPlastic Waterbottle


Leading from the front Peter Harrison is going even further;

Peter Harrison, FGH Managing Director, said, “There is a lot we can do to stop using disposable plastic, such as opting for reusable flasks, cups and shakers. We’re leading by example to inspire people to make a change. It’s a substantial investment and a major shift in the way organisations like our own think, but it is worth it for our children and their children.”


AIF CEO Paul Reed said, “It is encouraging and inspiring that so many AIF members have taken this initiative and pledge on-board without hesitation and are taking a collective stand against single-use plastic. This is one of the most critical issues facing our businesses and wider society. By working together as an industry and taking affirmative action, we can make a tangible difference.”

To see the latest updates check out the Hashtag #DrasticOnPlastic or keep and eye on our social media and site over the course of the next few months to see the difference we’re making.


Amazing Atmosphere At Feis Festival – Liverpool’s Irish Music Festival

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It was a scorcher! The sunshine welcomed the first Feis Festival to the city based on the waterfront. Those who attended enjoyed the weather as much as watching the musicians they had come to see. Van Morrison headlined a busy list of fantastic musicians, impressing the crowds visiting from around the country. The festival is part of the Liverpool 2018 events programme which marks the city’s tenth anniversary of being awarded the European Capital of Culture and follows on the heels of the city winning the UNESCO City of Music award in 2015. According to the Liverpool Museum it is estimated that 75% of Liverpool’s population is of Irish decent and the festival was a celebration of this heritage.

Over 12,000 people attended to see some of the biggest names in Irish music and the festival has been the biggest celebration of Irish culture the city has ever seen.

We’re now well into our festival season and we deployed a dedicated supervision team, a friendly arena entrance team geared towards customer service and welfare and worked in partnership with representatives from Liverpool County Council.

feis Festival

Lewis Walsh our Security Manager said, “A new festival is always a unique experience for us and I feel we have excelled across all areas. It’s fantastic to see our team smiling and helping the festival visitors as much as they can in the warm weather. Visitor feedback has once again been amazing. Liverpool Council have been an excellent client to work in partnership with. They are really well organised which has helped make a huge difference in this deployment being a success for us.”

Feis Festival will return in 2019. With this job wrapped up successfully, the FGH team look ahead to making Beat Herder (Friday 13th July – Sunday 15th July 2018), in Ribble Valley, nothing short of a safe and positive experience for all who attend.

Our FGH events team has been recognised many times over as one of the best in the industry. If you’re interested in becoming part of our successful team you can apply here in under 5 mins by following this link.


FGH Flying The Flag At Armed Forces Day

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Armed Forces Day has been called an amazing success by all those who attended in Llandudno on Saturday 30th June.

It has been estimated some 100,000 people attended from around the nation on one of the warmest weekends in June to honour the soldiers and enjoy the displays, flights and parades from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast guard. Over 1,000 personnel took part int he parade along the promenade.

Armed Forces Day was the largest scale event ever hosted in the Victorian seaside town as people flocked to the seaside to celebrate the RAF’s 100 year anniversary this year. The parade was given the royal approval being watched by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal who was joined by Prime Minister Theresa May and Carwyn Jones First Minister of Wales.


FGH worked closely with Conwy County Borough Council and deployed over 150 of our trademark friendly and helpful security professionals on the ground over the course of the weekend to ensure the safety of the 100,000 visitors, forces and dignitaries. The team was stationed overnight on Friday in the run up to the event and then along the parade route throughout Saturday.

Amy Stanley, Operations Manager who oversaw the deployment said, “It was fantastic, the whole day had a really good feel to it. It was also great to watch the interactions between the dignitaries Princess Anne and Theresa May, the public and the FGH Team. Almost 100,000 people arrived but the team did an amazing job on the ground upholding our values in the warm weather. Every member was outstanding and I’m already looking forward to our next event”

With the parade marked another success the FGH team now move back into the Festival Season on target to keep over 5 million people safe this year. Up next on the 7th July is Feis Festival in Liverpool.

Our FGH events team has been recognised as one of the best in the industry. If you are interested in becoming part of our successful team you can apply here in under 5 mins by following this link.

Inspiration from Blackpool Pleasure Beach to utilise Automation in the Security Industry

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There is an increased pressure across all industries to reduce ongoing costs.  At FGH Security this is no different; rising wages, increased litigation and ongoing commercial pressure from our customers are forcing us to look at alternative methods of securing premises and keeping people safe.  In Japan they are already using robot security guards to patrol vacant buildings and the question has been asked about what parts of the FGH Security portfolio can be automated.

At the start of the year our senior team spent some time scanning the horizon of what security could look like in 100 years from now.  How will festivals be secured as we rise to the digital age?

It was during a recent visit to Blackpool Please Beach, that Lewis Walsh, Security Manager at FGH Security has his Eureka moment, “I am hooked on grabber machines.  A bit of a dab hand if I do say so myself; on a good day give me £1 and I can grab three teddies all in one go.”.

Peter Harrison, Managing Director, commented, “One of the biggest concern for us at large live music shows is flares in the audience.  Not the type your mum wore in the 70’s either; we are talking about pyrotechnic flares.  We have a robust procedure in place at entry points, and often use sniffer dogs and very large search teams.  We confiscate a lot coming in at the gates.  But just like at many football grounds, despite our very best effort they occasionally get in”.

Lewis added, “Flares are very dangerous due to the heat produced and obviously present a problem.  This problem is dangerous for our team to deal with.  The temperature of a live flare is very high.  It takes a lot of our team to tackle the offender and generally results in an ejection from the event and sometimes an arrest from our partners in the constabulary.  Our new solution will tackle this problem safely and effectively”.

Dave Hassall, Head of R&D at FGH states, “The ‘DG5000dc’ stands for ‘Delinquent Grabber 5000 degrees centigrade’.  We have partnered with a Chinese crane producer, and essentially our solution will attach to the front of a main stage.  It is currently operated by remote control, but over time we hope to automate this, and the system will work with heat sensors.  During tests we have been able to extract delinquents, alongside their flares, from a large audience within 6 seconds.”

We hope to have the system live to use at Kendal Calling during 2018.  Jon Drape, Managing Director of Ground Control, commented, “It’s great to see FGH leading the way developing new technology to deal with the current threat of flares. They are a significant issue on some shows and have been difficult to deal with. I’m looking forward to seeing the DG5000 in the field.”.

FGH Security hopes to be able to offer the service to other industries also and are looking for a premiership football club who would be interested in trialling the solution.

Could you be our next DG5000dc operator? We’d love to hear from you…

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Dave Taylor and Ben Knott win Police Divisional Commendations

David Taylor (HR and Quality Manager) and Ben Knott (Senior Operations Manager) have been awarded Divisional Commendations from Lancashire Police in recognition of their work on the Home Safe and Safe Space initiatives, which were praised by Chief Inspector Ian Cooper when they were introduced.

The awards evening held last night at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool recognised outstanding achievements and acts of bravery from individual officers and teams from across the division and it was the first time a security company had ever been formally recognised at the awards. Alongside Dave and Ben Commendations were also awarded to other members of Lancaster’s Pub Watch scheme (Tim Tomlinson, Sally Kay, Mark Cutter and Heather Crawshaw) and PC Andy Taylor who helped implement the initiative. Amongst the Police Officers who won awards there were also a number of former FGH team members who have gone on to work for the Constabulary.

CancerCare Therapy Room Donation


We always see Christmas as a time to give something back. CancerCare is a charity that supports people in the North Lancashire and South Lakeland areas, at times in their life when they need it most and have been affected by Cancer. We have had the privilege of being able to offer a little something to the charity every year since 2010. On Monday this week we delivered a cheque for £450 and a range of children’s toys and musical instruments to compliment the new Children’s therapy room.

Pictured left to right are: Alison Dixey (Head of Client Services & Development, CancerCare), Lewis Walsh (Security Manager, FGH Security), Neil Townsend (Chief Executive, CancerCare), Olivia Cobb (Operations Supervisor, FGH Security)

Pictured left to right are: Alison Dixey (Head of Client Services & Development, CancerCare), Lewis Walsh (Security Manager, FGH Security), Neil Townsend (Chief Executive, CancerCare), Olivia Cobb (Operations Supervisor, FGH Security).

Peter Harrison, FGH Managing Director, would like to extend a thank you to our front line team who volunteered their time at recent CancerCare events; this is what enables us to make the donation. Alison commented, “Many of the children have been requesting musical instruments for a while. These are a fantastic addition to our therapy room. Thank you so much for all your continued support”. Olivia commented “I have heard a lot about FGH’s work that they do outside of the traditional security environment. So on Monday it was great to meet some of the team at CancerCare and understand the small part we play in the fantastic work they carry out. Working at Santa Dash was great, and it was good to hear we had a record number of Dashers taking part in 2017!”.

Earlier in 2017 CancerCare opened up a new centre in Barrow-in-Furness. The centre has seen its’ work double in the past six months alone and in October they gave 80 treatments out to those in need. Established and helping local families since 1983, they now have centres in Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow-in-Furness. In 2016, 1 in 3 people effected by Cancer utilised the services at CancerCare, that are all free of charge to those who need them.

For more information on exactly what CancerCare do, or if anyone would like to make additional Christmas donations please visit:

The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall working with us


Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is synonymous with music and culture in the city and is recognised across the world. The Hall is on Hope Street, in the heart of the city, and sees tens of thousands of people from all around the world walk through its doors each year. Performances include renowned singers and artists. The Hall is also the base of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Founded in 1840 it is the UK’s oldest continuing professional symphony orchestra. They chose FGH Security because they, ‘Wanted to enhance our customer’s confidence that their visit to the Hall would be a safe and enjoyable experience,’ according to Millicent Jones (Executive Director-Audiences and Development). She went on to say, ‘FGH were very conscientious in their approach to working with us, getting the details right first-time round. They were eager to understand the needs of our business and customers, and the way we operate each event, working with our stewarding team. They’ve been a pleasure to work with so far and we’ve received positive comments from both staff and customers on their work.’

Living Wage Foundation Service Provider


Belief 10 : Look after our people & they will look after our customers

PrintPLEASE NOTE: This article has been edited to correct a factual error in the original text

FGH Security has achieved Service Provider status with the Living Wage Foundation. The scheme recognises that it is not always possible for companies to implement the Living Wage for all the contracts they deliver however as part of the scheme a Provider will communicate to clients that the Living Wage is always an option. They do this by providing a Living Wage bid alongside every market rate submittal to all of their prospective and current clients. This means the client always has the choice to implement the Living Wage at the point of tender.

The Service Provider Recognition programme recognises contractors who want to play a role and support the aims of the Living Wage Foundation furthering best practice in the industry.

We are a values-led company and this commitment reinforces our values by enabling our staff to focus on providing excellent service to our clients. We hope to be the benchmark for others and set an example for the rest of the industry to follow. This commitment is also our way of demonstrating the significance of employee welfare both internally and to the wider security industry.