Adidas Working With FGH

2 minutes reading time | 24th October 2019

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a prestigious contract with the global sports brand Adidas.

Today 24th October) Adidas opened their new flagship store to the public. LDN on Oxford Street looks to provide customers with a new and state of the art shopping experience; relocating from the adjoining building, the new store spans four floors and is promoting innovation with an array of features including interactive challenges and changing rooms which give shoppers new ways to find and request different clothing styles and sizes. With 2,500 square feet of space on offer to customers, promotion of the three-striped brand is maximised and shoppers gain a bespoke shopping experience with a huge range of fashion and performance products to choose from.

Our team members have been integrated with the existing Adidas team and look the part in their customised, bespoke Adidas Uniform. Today they have been delivering our signature brand of customer service to our friends in London.

FGH Security Senior Operations Manager, Ben Knott is overwhelmed by the scale of the project: “It’s really difficult to comprehend how big this store is until you visit Adidas LDN. There has been a real hype amongst the general public today. I’d like to thank our team for their amazing work, the FGH Management Team but also FGH staff old and new who have done a phenomenal job of meeting and greeting customers on the ground.”

Adidas LDN has collaborated with many London-based artists and taken inspiration has been taken from the local skyline in its decor to ensure it stands out amongst its neighbours on iconic Oxford Street. The store has also been created using sustainable materials and recycled plastic and fabrics. In a move that reinforces FGH’s own commitment to carbon neutrality, the shop is also powered by 100% green energy with large windows helping to maximise natural light and reducing the need for unnecessary and wasteful lighting and heating. Click here to learn more about our commitment to the environment going Carbon Neutral.